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Multicolored valleys of Jiuzhaigou No.CSC-03

5 Days / 4 Nights

Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong – Songpan

The valley of nine villages, Jiuzhaigou, is a nature reserve with magnificent alpine scenery. It is named after nine Tibetan villages within the reserve. According to Tibetan tradition, a god offered a mirror to the goddess he loved. The goddess dropped the mirror, which shattered into 118 pieces, forming the reserve’s many lakes. Jiuzhaigou is a magic place, made up of a succession of valleys dotted with ponds, waterfalls and lakes featuring sparkling water all year round.

Highlights :

- la découverte des splendides vallées de Jiuzhaigou et de Huanglong
- La visite de la vieille ville de Songpan, autrefois considéré comme le portail ouest de Chengdu grâce à sa situation géographique avantageuse, construite sous la dynastie Tang puis reconstruite sous la dynastie Ming.


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